International Design Cenvergence Program

International Design Cenvergence Program

Engineering-centered creative and emotional convergent education to enhance
the integrated problem-solving skills for design-technology-convergent minds!

  • Objective

    Converge the advantages of the enhancement of creativity in the field of designing, technological innovation in the pedagogical and engineering fields, and skill-building teaching methods.

  • Goal

    Cultivation of the design-technology convergence experts of multi-disciplinary backgrounds, converging the design and technologies. Cultivation of field-oriented convergent-technology experts.

  • Vision

    Create new industries and new values through the design-technology convergent education that fulfills the sentiments of the consumers.

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“Where the “imagination becomes reality.”

The school life

International Engineering-Design Convergence Seminar (attended by the Vice President of NYIT, Mr. Rahmat Shoureshi)


The International Design Convergence-Specialized Graduate School of Hanseo University signed a dual-degree MOU for Master’s Degree Courses with NYIT of the United States.

The school life

A deeper world of learning,
the International Design Convergence-Specialized Graduate School

A deeper world of learning for those who believe that there is no end in learning. The founding philosophies of Hanseo University are Creativity, Conviction, and Contribution.

You can find information on the admission schedule, qualification requirement for application, required documents, and the process of application. You can submit your applications via the Internet and check your progress with the admission process.

You can find information on the class schedules, application for your courses, with more information on the majors and programs.

About Us

Enhanced creativity in the field of designing

We provide a vision of our educational system, where we converge the advantages of the teaching methods to build the capabilities for engineering innovations and the methods to enhance creativity in designing, while providing convergent design-engineering education programs to fulfill the emotional demands of the consumers, so that we can train our students into emotion-convergent talents.

Field Training

Cultivating future talents through field training