Engineering-centered creative and emotional convergent education to enhance
the integrated problem-solving skills for design-technology-convergent minds!

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Presidents Message

To train the highly specialized talents with expertise and superb characters who can contribute to the foundation of a prosperous future welfare society.

The International Design Convergence-Specialized Graduate School of Hanseo University has been running a Master's Degree program for one department since its foundation in March 2015. And, the school is seeking a faster pace of change in response to the context of the 21st century.

The society in the 21st century now we find ourselves in is a highly advanced science and technology-centered society and a society of knowledge and information that is based on creativity and distribution of information. We are expected to see changes of a scale that we have never seen, and the scope and pace of the changes in our society in time is so huge that we will be hit by them even before any of us is ready for it. Such a sense of mission in the face of our time makes the functions and roles of the Design-Engineering Convergence Specialized Graduate School, which is the core of cultivation of talents and study, even more important, as we are the university charged with the responsibility for studying, teaching, and serving.

The education in graduate schools should be more than cultivating expertise needed in a highly advanced science and technology-centered society, where a high level of expertise is expected while being mentally prosperously. We need to provide education for the new century. It should be focused on training highly advanced, expert man-power who are equipped with good characters and expertise, not only to adapt to and overcome the changes and challenges in the 21st century but also contribute to found a future welfare society.

In the era of knowledge and information that we are in now, the fate of a state can be hinged on a single piece of core technology. Such core technologies may be found not only in the fields of BT, IT, or NT, but also in many other fields such as the environment, art, construction, aviation, materials, and more, which are connected to them. It is my hope that may talented minds may be interested in and join Design and Engineering Convergent Specialized Graduate School of Hanseo University, which puts the founding philosophy of our institute, Creativity, Conviction, and Contribution, to practice while responding to the fast-paced changes of the 21st century.