Engineering-centered creative and emotional convergent education to enhance
the integrated problem-solving skills for design-technology-convergent minds!

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    International Design Convergence-Specialized Graduate School, Hanseo University, 46,
    Hanseo 1-ro, Haemi-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 356-706
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    Tel : 041-660-1766~7, 1153
    Fax : 041-660-1159


  • Janghang Line : Takes 1 hour from Seoul Station to Sapgyo Station
  • A school shuttle bus operates from Sapgyo Station. (20 min)
Bus Routes
  • Direct Route from Nambu Terminal, Seoul
  • Shuttle buses available from various locations in Seoul (takes about 70 to 90 minutes)
Driving Routes
  • With the opening of Seohaean Expressway, it is now possible to commute from Seoul or Incheon Area to the school within one hour (i.e. from West Seoul Interchange)