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Master’s Degree Course

Qualification Requirements
  1. Holders of bachelor’s degrees from domestic or foreign four-year universities or those who are expected to be awarded with a bachelor’s degree in 2017.
  2. Individuals who are recognized to be of an equivalent qualification by the law.
  3. Foreigners may apply for special admission categories (including specialized graduate schools).
  4. The individuals who are already in the bachelor-master-linked courses of Hanseo University cannot apply for an integrated course.
    • In the case of the dropouts from the integrate course, those who qualify for a master’s degree will be endowed with a master’s degree, while those who finished the course only may be given with a doctoral degree only. (No master’s degree is given.)
Documents to be submitted (All of the documents to be submitted should be dated within the past three months.)
  1. Application form for admission and consent form for the use of privacy information, one copy for each.
  2. Certificate of Graduation from a university (or a certificate of pending graduation), one copy.
  3. University Transcript, one copy (must include a percentile-converted score)
    (In the case of a transferee, both the transcripts before and after the transfer shall be submitted.)
  4. Certificate of employment (for the discount of tuition fee), one copy
  5. Teacher’s License (carbon copy), one copy (for the applications for the Education Graduate School, only)
  6. Two Photos (sized 3cm x 4cm) (also applicable to the on-line applicants)
    • The on-line applicants must submit all requirement documents other than No. 1 within the deadline, either in person or via post.
Precautions for Applications
  1. The documents you submitted will not be returned, and the admission may be canceled if any information on the documents turns out to be false or incorrect.
  2. In the case of graduates from foreign universities or graduate schools, of whom the documents submitted are not in either English or Korean, a notarized Korean translation of such a document should be submitted.
    (Contact the Academic Affairs of the graduate school in advance.)
  3. All application packages sent via post must arrive on or before the closing date. (Address: Graduate School, Hanseo University, 46, Hanseo 1-ro, Haemi-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do)
  4. The department an applicant may choose to apply for is not limited by the previous major in the lower-level degree institution.
  5. The applicant must report to the venue of interview by no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled time of interview and follow the instructions of the guide.
  6. The announcement of the successful applicants who are admitted to our institution is not made to each applicant. See the announcement posted in the Academic Affairs Office in the Graduate School or the Website.
  7. The successful applicants are to be instructed to submit more documents as necessary for their admission to the Academic Affairs. Non-compliance with the administrative instructions within the admission period results in cancellation of admission.
  8. For inquiries regarding visa for foreign students, please contact the Exchange and Cooperation Office. (South Korean nationals who apply from abroad are advised to contact the Academic Affairs Office of the Graduate School.)
    • Tel : 041-660-1706
    • Fax : 041-660-1707
  9. For more details, please contact the Academic Affairs Office of the Graduate School.
    • Tel : 041-660-1767, 1766
    • Fax : 041-660-1159