Engineering-centered creative and emotional convergent education to enhance
the integrated problem-solving skills for design-technology-convergent minds!

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Method for Applicants

Method for Applicants

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International Design Convergence-Specialized Graduate School

  • Evaluation method : The applicants are evaluated based on the sum of the grades, interview, and oral test scores.
  • Master’s Program : Grades (undergraduate), interview, and oral test
  • Application Fee : 50,000원
How to pay the application fee
  • Pay in person/via post: Submit a postal money order certificate (issued by the Post Office) along with the application package.
    (Address: Graduate School, Hanseo University, 46 Hanseo-1-ro, Haemi-myun, Seosan-is, Choongnam)
  • Bank remittance : KB Kookmin Bank (Account Holder: Hanseo University[한서대학교]) 462-01-0183-479
  • Input the applicant number as the sender’s name (if it is not possible to input all ten digits of the applicant number, fill in from the digits in the tail.)
    • For example, if your application number is 2011110001, and you can input only eight digits for the sender’s name, you can input 11110001.
  • The fee remittance must be completed by the end of the bank working hour on the closing date for application.
  • Application form fee : None
  • Two Photos (sized 3cm x 4cm) (also applicable to the on-line applicants)